The best new moonphase watches you’ll want on your wrist

Houston, we have a new obsession

Humanity has been obsessed with tracking, monitoring and exploring the orbiting rock that is the Moon since, well, forever, so it’s no surprise the moonphase is one of the oldest complications in the history of time. In a way, they shouldn’t be popular. You only need to look up on a clear night to see what they’re designed to tell us. But it’s not function that makes us want one. As an addition to your watch face, it brings immediate interest, visual stimulation and a little irreverence. As such, the complication is enjoying a renaissance, with more houses introducing, re-vamping and streamlining their lunar-focused offerings. Who needs to walk on the Moon when you can wear it on your wrist? Here’s the best new moonphase watches to add to your collection.

Russell Sheldrake is a freelance journalist, watch fanatic and would one day like to go to the moon