The menswear we want this week

With June just around the corner, it’s time to splash out on some high-summer staples

This week, my root through high summer’s new releases continues a-pace. Read on for for five lightweight layering pieces to pep up your warm weather wardrobe.

1. Armor-Lux cotton chore jacket

This is a new piece from Armor-Lux, the Brittany-based heritage brand that’s known for making the definite Breton striped T-shirt. Armor-Lux hasn’t offered chore jackets before, and this piece caught my eye for a few different reasons. Firstly, it’s a lightweight take on what can often be quite a ‘wintery’ jacket, I like the usual shade of green, and it’s a very attractive price for an overshirt. It’s cut with a trim collar, patch breast pocket and two other nifty side-slip pockets at each hip. Wear over a classic navy and cream Breton top for a look so chic you’ll immediately want to take up expressionist painting (probably…)


2. Gant stand collar shirt

Another easy layering piece, this simple stand collar shirt from Gant simply begs to wear worn with the sleeves rolled up and a simple pair of tailored shorts. Pastel pink and white is a classic combination that really does come into its own in warm weather, and having a casual shirt like this in your rotation will help to break up all the sky blue, navy and olive colours that are doubtless filling your wardrobe this season. You could also dress this shirt up beneath a blue linen or cotton suit. However you choose to wear it, it’s a fun piece for the months to come.


3. A Day’s March tencel shirt

I bought this shirt on a whim from A Day’s March’s Soho shop on Berwick Street a few weeks ago, and it’s awesome. Tencel, for those who have yet to come across it, is an entirely natural (and sustainably produced) material made from processed tree cellulose. It breathes, washes and behaves like silk, but has a little more body to it and is much less expensive to produce. Consequently, this piece is perfect for summer, generously cut with a soft spread collar. With a good few buttons undone it looks thoroughly louche. There are four other colours to choose from, but I like this earthy shade of taupe; it works well with different shades of tobacco and navy.


4. Onia linen drawstring trousers

Drawstring trousers can go in a couple of different ways; sometimes they look a little ‘old-mannish’ and sometimes they just look plain scruffy. This soft sea foam green pair from Onia avoids both pit-falls. Rather, these trousers look chic, simple and with their subtle tapered legs, they’re more than smart enough to wear out and about with a T-shirt and overshirt combination. Treat yourself to these now, and you’ll be glad of them August.


5. Tusting ‘Chelsea’ tote

I was introduced to Tusting a couple of weeks ago through a friend, and I’m now hooked. An unashamedly traditional British heritage brand, this leather goods maker has been in business since 1875, and still makes all its wares in England today. Whether you’re after a traditional canvas and leather holdall to take on long weekends away, a new laptop bag for work, or a luxurious leather rucksack, you can be sure that Tusting’s will be built to last. I’m into the Chelsea tote, which is available in classic black, tan or this chic shade of navy. With a soft solid-leather construction, this will hold its shape and patina beautifully over time with use – taking on its own character as you put it through its paces – this will look better in five years time than it does new. There aren’t many leather goods brands you can say that about today.


6. CQP ‘Jubilee’ Racquet sneakers

Swedish sneaker brand C.QP is celebrating a quarter of a century crafting some of the sleekest, most minimal trainers on the shoe scene but releasing a special edition, sleek and minimal trainer. The limited-release Jubilee model takes the brand’s sporty Racquet silhouette and remixes it with denim blue suede upper and laces, and a contrast off-white dot on the site (the symbol of the company). Sneakerheads, your summer shoe has dropped.

£270, available from Monday 24 June at