The week’s best new grooming products

Stay in the loop with all the latest men’s grooming releases and product launches, with our weekly round-up of the best new grooming products

Every week, we get to see (and test) the latest men’s grooming products hitting the market. From the best new moisturisers to scents, sun lotions and more, here are the latest and greatest items we suggest adding into your grooming regime ASAP.

Tom Ford Metallique eau de parfum

Before anyone brings this up, yes we know this is a fragrance that the marketing bigwigs at Tom Ford are pitching to women – but, quite frankly, we think that all that matters is the quality of the scent. What’s unusual about Metallique is its concentration on aldehydes – molecules formed by the partial oxidation of primary alcohols. What does that all mean? Well, think of it as pressing the turbo-boost button on all the notes in a fragrance, helping the big notes shine their very brightest. For Metallique, that means an initial floral burst of heliotrope and hawthorne cut through with bergamot, that dries down into a sweet-almost-gourmand after-burn of rich vanilla, musk and balsam. Plus the zingy bottle ain’t half bad, either.

£98 for 50ml,

Radical Skincare express delivery enzyme peel

There’s something very satisfying about a peel face mask and not to give you the wrong idea, but maybe it’s because it’s a bit Patrick Bateman-esque? Nevertheless, though, it’s worth trying at least once, and we’re certain you’ll be into it. Radical Skincare excels in this arena, and housed within a bright pink pot is a mask that’s rich in delicious enzymes, such as papaya, pineapple, mango and lemon. Plus, there’s loads of antioxidants which will help exfoliate your face. Your face will thank you.

£35 for 50ml, at

Gravel A Man’s Cologne

Founded in New York in 1957, Gravel is instantly recognisable due to the (you guessed it) bits of gravel that sit on the bottom of the bottle. A unique signature, supposedly they help refine the maturation process and smoothly round off the scent. Offering three styles, A Man’s Cologne his the spot for us with its mix of bergamot and orange resting at the top and is then juxtaposed by incense, vetyver and musk at the bottom. 

£135 for 100ml,

Czech and Speake leather bound manicure set

Part of growing up is leaving behind the nasty habit of biting your nails, or worse, the skin around them. Having a routine for your nails though is a must as it’s the smaller details that are the most noticeable ones, after all. Czech & Speake’s leather bound manicure set has everything you need, including clippers, files, tweezers and cuticle nippers to get those nails of yours in a condition your female friends will marvel at (the colloquial term for this is fleek, isn’t it?). One thing, though, please refrain from maintaining them in public, ie on the tube. 

£375, at

Kérastase Soothing Scrub

You might shampoo and condition your hair regularly, but how often do you get right down to the roots? The answer is probably not enough. Start incorporating Kérastase’s Soothing Scrub into your shower regime. Made from a blend of jojoba and orange peel which hydrates and softens the skin, as well as targeting pores, it’s the grooming equivalent of a deep clean for your scalp.

£32 for 250ml, at

DR Harris three-piece shaving set in ebony

Established in 1790, DR Harris is a legend in the grooming world and its razors are one of its hero products. The end of the razor is designed so that it can take the standard and ubiquitous Gillette Mach 3 blades, giving you just as clean of a shave without the poorly designed handle that lacks inspiration. In imitation ebony with a chrome finish, you can of course pick it up online however the store in St James’ is worth a visit just to gain a sense of the brand’s impressive history