The week’s best new grooming products

Stay in the loop with all the latest men’s grooming releases and product launches, with our weekly round-up of the best new grooming products

Every week, we get to see (and test) the latest men’s grooming products hitting the market. From the best new moisturisers to scents, sun lotions and more, here are the latest and greatest items we suggest adding into your grooming regime ASAP.

1. Triumph & Disaster Ritual face cleanser

Daily exfoliation can leave your skin feeling a bit dry. The problem is that, in ridding the dirt and grime you pick up throughout the day, some products can also strip away those good oils that keep your skin soft. Triumph & Disaster has formulated this facial cleanser to ensure this doesn’t happen. Its Ritual Face Cleanser infused with Tamanu oil which has been used for centuries by Tahitian people in rituals and is now widely considered to be somewhat of a wonder plant for skincare as it helps keep your skin supple and clean thanks to its healing and antibacterial qualities. 

£20 for 150ml, available at

2. Montblanc ‘Nightflight’ canvas wash bag

If you’re into grooming products and packing for a long trip, there never seems to be enough space in your wash bag for everything you need. Montblanc has the answer – the brand’s latest wash kit is big enough to take everything you might need – and bring some local products back with you too. Equipped with mesh compartments to separate all your accoutrements, there’s even a hook that lets you hang it on the back of the door.

£185, available at

3. Jack Black ‘Hard Body’ sculpting hair gel

You’ve probably got bad memories of hair gel from the Nineties – sticky stuff that either flakes off or makes you look like you’re been standing next to a deep fat fryer all day. Jack Black is here to undo all that damage. This ‘Hard Body’ gel has been created to not only give strong hold but keep your hair in rude health with added vitamins (aiding hair growth thanks to Vitamin B6 and basil extract, and adding volume thanks to organic ginger root).  

£13 for 96g, available at

4. Saunders & Long 5-in-1 Long Weekender

If you don’t have a wash bag with the capacity of the Montblanc above then why not opt for this space saving option from the young, new and exciting grooming brand Saunders & Long. With just one bottle you can use it as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave cream and even a stying cream by working it into dry hair. A true jack of all trades.

£26 for 250ml, available at Fortnum & Masons 181 Piccadilly, London, W1A 1ER, and

5. Thomas Clipper x Supermundane Mountain eau de cologne

Since it was founded back in 2014 by friends Matthew Brown and Antonio Weiss , Thomas Clipper has grown from a razor company into one of the most exciting brands on the British grooming scene, expanding into beautiful Italian-made leather goods and fragrances. After the success of Unite, their first line of three totally interchangeable scents (Country, City and Coast), today sees the launch of the duo’s latest juice, Mountain, with a bottle and packaging designed in collaboration with Supermundane (aka artist Rob Lowe). As you can imagine from a scent inspired by climbing snowy peaks, the dominant notes are smoky and warm (vetiver, guaiac and cedar) freshened up with a bracing blast of bergamot and aromatic spices. As with all Thomas Clipper’s products, you can’t buy it immediately, but the crowdfunding has just commenced on Kickstarter. While you can give any amount you wish to the project (you can get a 2ml vial by pledging £20), we would suggest the £200 option, which gives you the 50ml bottle above as well as a limited edition ‘campfire red’ version of the brand’s beautiful leather wash bag.

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