This week’s best new buys

From tech to furniture, these are best new products to make your life a little smarter, a little sleeker and a whole lot more stylish

Your inbox is full of greymail from brands advertising their latest products – so let us cut through all the noise. Here’s the best new buys, releases, collaborations and limited-edition launches to hit the shops this week from new tech and gadgets to well-crafted pieces for your living space. Add to basket, and thank us later.

Capsulier capsule machine

Although barista-quality coffee in your very own kitchen is certainly a draw, the environmental impact of all those countless little pods is enough to put anyone off their morning espresso. Yes, you can recycle them now – but isn’t it better if they weren’t made at all? Solving this daily conundrum is the Capsulier, a clever little machine that makes Nespresso-compatible, reusable coffee capsules. Simply load it up with your choice of ground beans and a little metal stainless pod, and the machine does the rest for you. No more guilt from your morning caffeine fix.

£99, from

Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia cologne


Part of Jo Malone’s just-launched festive Magic & Mayhem collection, this new cologne revisits the classic rose fragrance, reimagining it as a lighter, warmer and spicier scent than is traditional. With sensuous patchouli at its base, and notes of warm amber and fresh magnolia, you’ll be reaching for this time and again.

£104 for 100ml,

Jonathan Adler vodka decanter


Add some tongue-in-cheek humour to your cocktail cabinet with this vodka decanter from Jonathan Adler. Made from porcelain, and trimmed with 24-carat gold, it’ll guarantee lift off at any party. 


Crash Baggage Icon carry on suitcase


You’ve spent ages finding a suitcase that fits your needs. Then, one day, it goes and gets a bump. Or a scratch. Crash Baggage has preempted this with its unusual dented design, meaning its cases only get better with a little rough use. What’s more, its new Icon collection is made from super strong 100 per cent polycarbonate material, so you’ll ward off the more serious scrapes and bangs.


James Purdey & Sons flask

With frosty mornings just around the corner, make your commute that bit more bearable with this steel and leather flask. It’s ideal for keeping your freshly brewed coffee – from a Capsulier capsule, naturally – at optimum temperature while you trek through the cold, dark mornings.