Oily skin? You need one of these

Five moisturisers that will have you tackling the new season head on

As we move from summer into autumn and swap our cotton for cashmere, our skin is in need of a change, too. Varying temperatures, from cold commutes to overheated offices, can create skin that is dry, blotchy and flaky. However, if you have oily skin a rich moisturiser can only exacerbate the grease – which, on top of the redness, is definitely not a good look. Here’s my top five moisturisers for oily skin, that will keep your skin looking and feeling clear, balanced and hydrated as it takes on all the challenges colder weather can bring.

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturiser

Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross has created a range of products inspired by the most common complaints of patients in his New York practice. Two of the most reoccurring for men is oily skin, as well as signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots.  This anti-ageing formula addresses both issues with its proprietary ECG Complex, a daily moisturiser containing ferulic acid (a natural antioxidant found in the walls of plant cells) and retinol, which is the industry’s gold standard ingredient to speed up skin cell renewal and enhance collagen production. Our collagen levels drop as we age and, as we don’t produce as much as women in the first place, we men need all the help we can get. Massage a small amount over cleansed skin each morning, enabling your skin to drink up all the hydrating benefits while you get on with your day.

£67, shop now

2. LAB Series Oil Control Daily Moisturiser

This new arrival to the LAB family is a welcome addition if you suffer from oily, blemish-prone skin. It’s completely oil free and provides ample hydration for the face. The key ingredient here is the Amazonian white clay, which absorbs surface oil on the face, while the salicylic and lactic acid help close down men’s larger pores, making the skin less susceptible to break outs. It’s super light to use and absorbs really quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky residue or shine. The neat tube is perfect to carry around daily and is useful to have after visits to the gym or a swimming session. Used over time it will visibly improve skin tone, while keeping an even, matt appearance.

£29.50, shop now

3. Proverb Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser

While not all men bare witness to that afternoon T-Zone shine, many become shiny beacons before the work day is out. This oil balance moisturiser from Proverb will keep your shine in check thanks to its salicylic acid, a key ingredient that absorbs our natural oils, while the bamboo mattifying phytobioactive helps decrease shine and sebum production, and the vitamin E and uplifting lemon ad orange peel reduces blemishes and blackheads. A great one to pack into your gym bag and apply straight after your workout. It’s also really light and absorbs smoothly and quickly into the skin, so a perfect solution when your grooming routine needs to be speedy.

£55, shop now

4. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

This Facial Fuel moisturiser has been a popular choice amongst Kiehl’s fans since its launch, and one application will tell you why it continues to be a bestseller. Thanks to its caffeine and vitamin-enriched formula it really gives the skin a morning boost, before you’ve said ‘one flat white to go please’. The added benefits of controlling facial shine make this the moisturiser of choice for men affected by overactive sebaceous glands. With regular use, the skin texture improves, thanks to its mattifying effect and ability not to clog up pores. This is just the sort of moisturiser your skin will be crying out for at this time of year. Apply after your morning shower onto clean skin, and sit back and watch the benefits take shape.

£21.50, shop now 

5. Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel

Short on time in the morning? Then this quick and easy-to-use water gel from the clever people at Clinique will fix your daily moisturising requirements in a matter of seconds. The formula is ultra light, so it absorbs into the skin quickly, while helping the skin reach its optimum moisture levels throughout the day without clogging up the pores or leaving a shiny residue. The innovative Liquid-Sphere Technology combines water-binding ingredients, along with antioxidants, to help break down the cycle of dryness and environmental stress. It glides onto the skin and sinks into the skin surface instantly, leaving skin feeling soothed, rather than sticky and tight. Storing the bottle in the fridge overnight will give you an extra wake up call, especially after shaving. It’s also great to carry on long haul flights and apply just before landing.

£36, shop now