Whatever your sport, here’s the sleekest kit to suit

Whether running, cycling or hitting the gym is your thing, here's what you need to upgrade your sports bag

While most exercise experts will tell you that starting a knee-jerk diet and gruelling exercise regime as a new year’s resolution is a recipe for disaster (in order to make real changes, you need work out what your goals are and commit at a pace that suits you), January is an ideal time to shake-up your daily routine following your post-Christmas comedown. After all, exercise is the best way to boost your spirits and improve your productivity, meaning that working up a sweat is the fastest route to beating the January blues there is. And what could be more motivating than some slick new sportswear to do it in? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or planning on hitting the weights bench in the gym, here’s what to wear while working up a sweat.


If pounding the pavements is your go-to route to a clearer head, then you’re going to need some serious running gear. From the world’s number one running trainers, to a clever reflective jacket that absorbs sunlight, here’s everything you need to hit your stride.


Whether you’re training for a triathlon, or beating the tube crush, having the right cycling kit will do wonders for your time and stamina on a bike. What’s more, cycling’s recent mega popularity has seen a plethora of cool brands emerge making even cooler gear – take Cafe du Cycliste’s Breton striped jerseys as a prime example. Time to hit the road?


Whatever exercise tribe you are, a top notch gym kit has to be one of the best motivations for sticking to your fitness goals. Here’s what you need packed in your gym bag this year.