Cyclists, try ashmei X The Woolmark Company – it’s cooler than you think

Struggling to find activewear to keep you cool in the heat? We have a solution for you...

Wool. You probably know it as the soft fluffy stuff that gets knitted into toasty cable-knit sweaters and tailored into flannel suits. In other words, you most likely associate the fibre with your winter wardrobe; with those pieces designed to insulate and warm you up, rather than cool you down.

But, believe it or not, this is a popular misconception. Wool’s nickname is the ‘miracle fibre’, because while its natural properties make it an excellent insulator in cold weather, its fibre structure is also well suited to keeping you cool in the heat. Wool wicks moisture from the body when it heats up, and allows air to circulate through its fibres, too – keeping the wearer as close to natural body temperature as possible.

With this in mind, The Woolmark Company has partnered with premium activewear brand ashmei to celebrate the performance of the British company’s technical Merino cycling gear, designed to keep you cool during high-intensity exercise in warm weather. Moreover, the two brands have created a short film to explain just what makes fine Merino wool the ultimate high-performance fibre, and why you should be wearing it to train.

So, there you are, the science proves it. Wool is naturally breathable, wicks more sweat than synthetic fibres and helps minimise odour, to boot. 

‘Australian Merino wool is a technical performance fibre loved by athletes worldwide,’ says The Woolmark Company’s Managing Director, Stuart McCullough. ‘Our partnership with ashmei champions the performance benefits of wool, highlighting wool as a fibre for all seasons, and all levels of exercise intensity.’

Didn’t think wool was appropriate for summer? Think again.

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