Are you summer skin ready?

The Jackal’s Style Director brings you five grooming products to bring you a sun-ready healthy glow

Summer seems to be here, at last. Which means a few months of sun, sea, sand and sun damage all to look forward to. We all like a bit of Vitamin D on our skin, but there’s a real danger at this time of year that your skin just hasn’t been exposed enough to the strength of the sun.

We get it, the idea of putting on sun cream every day, while you make your sticky commute through the city doesn’t have the same appeal as being sat on a beach. Any of your daily moisturisers should contain UV protection, but this time of year, you need to step up your sunscreen game. With this in mind, we’ve rifled through dozens of creams, gels, sprays and liquids to bring you five must-try moisturisers to get you and your skin through the rest of the summer. Try one and you’ll come out looking sun-kissed and golden, not burnt and crispy. 

1. Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Scrub

No matter how much you apply high SPF cream to your skin, if its not properly prepared, you won’t feel its full effect. The most effective way to get your skin ready to take in some rays is to scrub off dead skin cells that everyday gels and soaps don’t get. This Spanish brand uses the highest-grade ingredients in its travel-friendly scrub, designed to get your skin smooth and sun-ready. A combination of micro-granules and natural Rosa Mosqueta seeds (a non-toxic solution to tackle scars and blemishes) as well as bitter orange extract ensures its suitably zesty, too. Use once or twice a week throughout summer to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

£58 for 100ml, shop now

Summer skin

2. Le Labo Face Bronzer

We’re big fans of Le Labo here at the The Jackal, not just for its discreet and stylish branding, but thanks to its healthy approach to men’s grooming. This plant-based bronzer will introduce a natural healthy glow to your skin, to give you a head start on the tan this summer. Moreover, it’s a great all-year-round grooming fix, adding just a hint of colour to pasty pates – no danger of Tango man here. It’s easily washed away at the end of the day, too, without leaving residue or tan marks. Formulated with turmeric and sunflowers, the addition of bergamot and lavender gives this cream a light, fresh scent, rather than the artificial smells common to cheap fake tan.

£30 for 60ml, shop now

Summer skin

3. Sisley Paris Super Soin Solaire Body Oil

Even those of you blessed with skin that’s reasonably sun tolerant will need to look after it when its rays reach their hottest. This summer body oil from Sisley Paris addresses the needs of darker skin in this practical and neat looking spray. The oil has a silky texture, with no hint of greasiness, designed to nourish the skin thanks to its Vitamin E and sweet white lupin extracts. These have a naturally high percentage of protein and are low in oil, helping to minimise the appearance of shiny skin. Rather, it smoothes out fine lines and brings a balance to the skin’s hydration levels. The addition of lavender and geranium essential oils will pep up the skin and your mood in equal measure.

£87 for 150ml, shop now

Summer skin

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 Matte Fluid

This travel friendly bottle packs a serious punch with its high SPF protection and an intelligent formula that’s low in chemical compounds. The fluid is super-light, non-greasy and  once applied, your skin stays cool and clean all day long. It protects against the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays and really is one of the most effective liquid creams I’ve tried. In fact, it’s so light on the skin it can be used all year-round, so don’t just save it for those few golden days of sun. One more tip: if you’re a beardy fellow, this cream’s matte composition can dry out hair. Once you’ve applied it, rub a pea sized drop of beard oil through your bristles to keep the hair nourished.

£16.50, shop now


summer skin

5. Sachajuan Hair in the Sun

It’s not just saving face that’s important when the sun shines, your hair needs help too in warm weather. So, switch up your regular hair styling products for this clever little thing. Originating from Sweden, this brand has developed a cult following among hair professionals and with its curious ‘ocean silk’ technology, you can see why. An intelligent mix of sea minerals and algae protects your hair (and the colour pigments in it) from the bleaching effects of harsh sunlight, and its UV filters stay in the hair even after a dip in the pool. Even better, it’s light on the skin, non-sticky and makes for a great styling cream post-hair wash. Time to get rid of those jars of gloop and work with this instead – for the next few months at least.

£20 for 125ml, shop now