Five apps that make London life cleaner, quicker and easier

From personal chauffeurs to someone to clean up the morning after the night before, there's an app for that

Technology moves fast. Those previously groundbreaking apps – Uber, AirBnb, Deliveroo – which kickstarted the sharing economy are now being left behind. There’s a new generation of apps in town, delivering everything from cleaners on demand to someone who can come over to put up your new Billy bookcase if you don’t have the time. Here’s the five apps shaping London’s sharing economy in 2019 – and making our lives better click by click.

Stay One Degree

Although I’m all for a side hustle, the idea of hiring out my home to strangers on AirBnB doesn’t really appeal. Stay One Degree, however, is tempting. It lets you rent your space out to people you can trust, putting you in touch with an exclusive network of potential guests who are all carefully vetted for their suitability. Even better, if you join you can also find a top notch property to stay in on your next trip abroad. And not a dodgy communal bathroom or strange wall art in sight.

Air Tasker

Whether you’re moving out, cleaning out or putting up furniture, Air Tasker is the app you need. All you do is post your required task and budget, review the offers of help, and choose the expert that feels right to you. From skilled tradesmen, to someone who’ll assemble your flatpack furniture in record time, no task is to big or too small – there’ll be someone out there to help. And there’s no awkward cash-in-hand payment, as money is sorted painlessly through the app, too.


For those of us over Uber, there’s a new lift service in town. Wheely offers what they call a ‘personal chauffeur service with luxury cars.’ The drivers (who always wear suits), offer the kind of bespoke service missing in other taxi services. They’ll meet you at your front door, help you with your luggage and even come with a ready umbrella if needed. They can also meet you straight from your flight, cutting out the time it takes to order a taxi, and wait for it to arrive (usually in the next street over, in my experience). And the cars aren’t half bad either: the basic ride is an Mercedes‑Benz E‑class, but you can book an S-class or a Mercedes‑Maybach if desired. If you’re impressing dates or business clients, this is a step up.


We all know cleaning is a bit of a drag. But hiring a cleaner can feel a bit of daunting task. Where to start? How do you know they’re safe, reliable and not going to rob you blind? Helpling takes the faff out of cleaning, letting you book a cleaner as and when you need them. Once you’ve posted your job, you simply select the cleaner that suits you, at a price that fits your budget. They’re also all rated out of five and reviewed by previous customers, so you know what you’re getting.


For those of you without a car in London, there’s Drivy, the app that lets you rent a car any time, any place. All you do is log in to the app, find a car that’s close to you, and drive off (you do need a driver’s licence too, of course). You don’t even need to meet the car’s owner – just show up and unlock the car using the app. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.