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Three alternative ways to eat turkey this Christmas

Looking to spice up your Christmas dinner? Here are some tasty alternatives to traditional roast turkey

Personally, I’ve never understood how turkey holds everyone in thrall over Christmas – give me an unctuous rib of beef to feast on instead. Fortunately, if you (like me) are fatigued with the dry white meat, there are ways to consume traditional Christmas foodstuffs in non-traditional ways. Here are three of our favourites.

Turkey raanalternative Turkey, Dishoom, Jackal magazine

Infused with spices, cooked achingly slowly for a full day (raan style) this is turkey leg like you’ve never tasted before. For the festive season, Dishoom is serving this tender but gently spiced take on the Christmas bird at all their sites, alongside bombay potatoes, masala winter greens and spicy cranberry chutney. In short, it’s a great way to flush out anything lingering in your sinuses, and to pack a flavour punch on a chilly afternoon. 

Taiwanese turkeyalternative Turkey, Jackal magazine

The founders of XU on Rupert Street describ their restaurant as a cinematic interpretation of 1930s Taipei. The Christmas version of that involves turkey (obviously) served Taiwanese style, in a seasonal dish disconcertingly named glutinous turkey rice and greens. There’s also Char siu Iberico pork collar or Grilled seabass if you’d rather experiment with something else.

Christmas set menu is £45 per person.

Japanese fried stylealternative Christmas turkey, Jackal magazine

Apparently, the Japanese celebrate Christmas with buckets of fried chicken. The story goes that KFC launched in Japan at Christmas in 1974 and people were encouraged – in the absence of available turkey – to buy ‘Kentucky for Christmas’. To this day, three million people do and while it’s not quite turkey, Flesh & Buns are indulging this esoteric tradition by serving Japanese Fried Chicken feasting baskets in the run up to the festive season. Perfect for feasting on if you’re after something a little different.

Set feast for two is £37,