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All The Money In The World: Will Plummer fill Spacey’s shoes?

In a Hollywood first, Ridley Scott has recast his movie's male lead. But is this a decision he'll live to regret?

It’s a Hollywood first. All The Money In The World has been shot, edited and has published a trailer that’s racked up two and half million views on YouTube. Its release date is slated as 22 December. And now, Director Ridley Scott has announced that he’s got no choice but to erase one of his principle cast members from the movie and reshoot his scenes last minute.

Sounds crazy, but Scott isn’t known for doing things by halves, and these are exceptional circumstances. The unfortunate actor in question is Kevin Spacey, whose towering career looks to be in danger of an equally titanic collapse. In recent weeks, his name’s been marred with dozens of allegations of sexual predatory stretching back to the early ’80s, which have emerged following the Weinstein scandal. This turn of events has forced Scott to take drastic action.

All The Money In The World is a dramatisation of the 1973 kidnapping of the late tycoon Jean Paul Getty’s grandson and Spacey was playing the oil baron himself. Now, the part’s been given to Christopher Plummer, who’s doubtless wandering through Hollywood with a spring in his step. It’s not every day that a lead role falls in an actor’s lap, after all.

Nevertheless, this is a shame. There’s no question that Scott had to cut Spacey, but the trailer does give a glimpse of what looked to be a barnstorming performance, filled with gravitas and Spacey’s intimidating, brooding presence. Plummer is one of the greats, but Spacey’s are gargantuan shoes to fill – and his replacement’s not got long to do the part justice.

Will All The Money In The World be forever marred as the movie that should have been Spacey’s? You’ll have to watch it to see.