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Smart Dressing

Six style swaps to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Ensure your wardrobe is as eco-conscious as the rest of your life with these easy switches


When did denim get so dirty?

We’re stuck in an endless cycle of wearing and throwing away jeans when the holes appear. But what if we were wearing and repairing?


This wool jumper lets you track the sheep behind it

It’s just part of Sheep Inc’s plan for tackling fast fashion


How artificial intelligence hacked men’s wardrobes

Retailers are increasingly using algorithms and customer data to tailor our shopping experience online. Is this the death of personal style?


Thomas Clipper just got into leather

Having started out as one of the coolest British razor-makers, Thomas Clipper has grown into a fully formed men’s brand with the launch of its sleek new leather goods line


London’s best zero-waste supermarkets

Because plastic’s not fantastic


The craft beer paving the way for sustainability

Freedom Brewery is challenging how the craft beer industry works

Smart Dressing

Oliver Spencer brings superb menswear (and sustainability) to Sainsbury’s

We get the inside track on the new menswear line from Tu at Sainsbury’s, designed with the environment in mind by recent graduate Molly Hopwood and overseen by the inimitable Oliver Spencer


How to use empathy to get ahead at work

Each issue, we ask an expert to solve a pressing career problem. This time, employment lawyer and HR consultant Matt Dean explains why empathy is so vital to a healthy, productive workplace

Smart Dressing

Joe Woolfe tells us how he camped up Benedict Cumberbatch for the Met Gala

We spoke to the actor’s stylist and suit-maker Joe Woolfe on the inspiration behind the delightfully OTT three-piece Labassa Woolfe suit he wore to last night’s Costume Institute Ball in New York City

Smart Dressing

Finisterre: the company making swim shorts out of fishing nets

It was Tom Kay’s love of the sea that prompted him to found Finisterre, and push for a more sustainable approach to making surfwear

Smart Dressing

Why keeping it old-school is Crown Northampton’s answer to sustainability

We spoke to the Made in England shoemakers about how sticking with traditionalist methods is the way forward for the planet

Smart Dressing

How Oliver Spencer took 28,753 cars off the road by ditching cardboard collars (sort of)

…and why, according to the brand’s head of sustainability, Bleue Burnham, plastic isn’t always the enemy


Add to basket (of goods)

Sure, the ONS ‘basket of goods’ was designed to measure inflation, but it’s also a bellweather for the kind of neat stuff people want in their lives right now. Here are our suggestions for what to buy for each new entry on this year’s list