The exercise tribes to join in 2019

Forget HIIT. The new crop of fitness classes will challenge your mind and your body

Fitter, happier, more productive… whatever your reasons for hitting the gym may be, it’s no longer just about getting in shape. These four new 2019 fitness trends will tackle your mind and your body all at the same time. 


What is it?

This Russian martial art featured in McMafia. Offering coaching in hand-to-hand combat, grappling and knife fighting, Systema frees the body of tension and engenders effortless movement, while enabling emotional and physical balance.

Why should I do it? Systema is all about finding inner calm and an intuitive readiness, as well as all that physical stuff. If you’re feeling stressed and pressured by your work or home lives, then this is the class to try in 2019.


What is it?

All the theory of boxing, none of the actual hitting. Skipping offers a high- intensity blast of cardio, used by boxers to reach next-level fitness before they enter the ring. Great for strengthening, toning and lowering blood pressure, and as a high-cardio alternative to HIIT.

Why should I do it? Ever heard of the saying: ‘there’s fit and then there’s boxing fit…’? If 2019 is the year in which you really want get into shape, then skipping will get you there. And, as we’ve reported before, the discipline needed for boxing training is great for tackling mental health problems, too.


What is it?

Peloton’s performance-focused at home exercise bikes use on-demand video streaming and a library of thousands of classes to offer people the benefits of a spin class, without trekking to the gym.

Why should I do it? We all enjoy a spin class – there’s nothing quite like it for sweating the stress of the day away. But if you struggle to make it to a regular class – or fancy hitting the bike at midnight to blow off some steam – then Peloton is the fitness solution for you.


What is it?

This specialist class is designed to provide men with all the health benefits of yoga, like improved breathing and stress reduction, as well as a focus on increasing athletic performance, building muscle and reducing weight.

Why should I do it? Curious about yoga, but worried you’ll be the odd one out? Broga was created with men in mind – from yoga fanatics to first timers on the matt. You’ll notice the difference in your posture, fitness and overall wellbeing, too.