Three ways to bring 2019’s coolest design trends into your sitting room

If you’re going to relax, make sure you do it in style, with our guide to the latest trends in interior design

Sitting room. Salon. Drawing room. Lounge. Whatever you call it, your living room needs to be a space to kick back, chill out, and just be. Whether you’re looking for home comforts or contemporary style, The Jackal, together with design studio Echlin, has envisioned a room that shows off some of the key design trends for 2019.

1. Crafted in Britain

Buying local is at the heart of The Jackal’s living room. ‘If you can buy something that’s made around the corner, it’s better for the environment and you’re giving back to your community,’ says Echlin’s Samuel Pye. The green sofa and mirrored coffee table were designed by Echlin and handmade in Sussex, while the cashmere throw is made by Johnstons of Elgin. ‘Our manufacturing roots are in Elgin and have been for over 200 years,’ explains Alan Scott, Johnstons’ Creative Director. ‘Locally made products are about authenticity, sustainability and are, for us, the ultimate luxury.’

2. Reinterpreting retro

Mid-century modern vibes have dominated interiors styling, but now it’s time for an evolution. ‘We want to push that on and do something new,’ explains Pye. ‘We’re looking at things from the past and recreating them.’ It’s an idea shared by Bert Frank, the British lighting brand that made the brass floor lamp you can see here. ‘I love mid-century styles and industrial forms,’ explains Robbie Llewellyn, the brand’s Director. ‘But we can elevate the ideas they had in the 1940s and ’50s, and create a much more luxurious feel, thanks to advanced engineering and new material finishes.’

3. 21st-century London

Often good design provokes and comes from a conversation. ‘The designers we’ve used in this room aren’t necessary British, to reflect London’s modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere,’ says Pye. The marble plates are made by To&From, founded by a duo originally hailing from the Netherlands and India. ‘Our ethos is all about making borders disappear,’ says Bob de Graaf, the brand’s co-founder. ‘We designed these marble plates in England and went to India to have them made. We found our designs being influenced by the craftsmen. Our ethos is to have conversations and inspire each other.’

Clockwise from bottom left in picture above: Class Sideboard, £989, by Dutchbone, from Houseology; Rex table lamp, £825, by The Urban Electric Company; Runwell turntable in rose gold, £2,500, by Shinola; bespoke sofa in forest leather, from £15,000, by Echlin; Brass Riddle floor lamp, £1,120, by Bert Frank; reversible cashmere throw, £695, by Johnstons of Elgin; velvet cushions, £85 each, by Echlin; large antiqued mirror coffee table, £3,850, by Echlin; Machined Collection table display in brass, £540, by Buster & Punch; Double Old-Fashioned Fluted Crystal Glasses, £75 each, by Richard Brendon; Lines Vessel, £250, by Lauren Nauman; white marble Thalis, from £35, by To&From; bridle-hide visiting card case, £135, by Ettinger; Silver Stardust rug, £282 per sq m, by Floor Story; Polperro suede loafers, £475, by Edward Green