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Three 2018 trends to get a head start on this season

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It's early in the season, but some clear men's trends are already emerging. Here are three to start rocking ahead of the crowd

It might be chilly and grey outside, but we love this time of year at The Jackal. With January’s arrival comes the opportunity to embrace some sharp early 2018 trends. Here are three that we think will gather pace as we move through the season, make them work for you now and youll be ahead of the fashion-curve.

Velvet, 2018 trends, Jackal magazine1. Velvet’s come over casual

At last, after a steady resurgence in fine tailoring and eveningwear, velvet is moving into streetwear, too. A number of cult casualwear brands have worked it through their new season drops, including Our Legacy’s superb metallic crushed velvet work jackets, Oliver Spencer’s dark orange Bermondsey bomber and Stussy’s velvet trucker jacket – it’s everywhere.

Strike while the iron’s hot and invest in a velvet jacket with a workwear edge – you’ll find it makes for a surprisingly versatile layering piece. Alternatively, do things differently and experiment with this T-shirt from contemporary Scandinavian brand CMMN SWDN, which is exclusive to Mr Porter. Wear with some wide-leg, pleated trousers in tan cotton or charcoal flannel for a sophisticated early spring look. £130, shop now

Burgundy shirt, 2018 trends, Jackal magazine2. You won’t go wrong with burgundy

This past year, earthy tones have been gaining ground. Most notably, rich shades of burnt orange and olive green took pole position as the colours of autumn/winter 2017. As we move into 2018, it looks as though burgundy’s going to have a moment next. There’s not a collection out there that doesn’t have at least a touch of burgundy in it – it’s everywhere from P. Johnson’s crimson suiting, to Enlist’s new season zip-up suede blouson, or Beams Plus’s cable knits.

Moreover, Mr P., Mr Porter’s collection of simple own-brand staples has gone to town with the burgundy trend. As well as overcoats with rich red checks and chic jersey knits, the retail powerhouse has designed this relaxed corduroy shirt. It couldn’t be a more simple way to wear the trend; with it’s pointed collar and two buttoning chest pockets it has a touch of ‘overshirt’ about it that’s ideal for throwing over Breton-stripe T-shirt and dark navy chinos. Plus, like velvet, corduroy’s still going to stay in for a good while yet. £140, shop now

Backpacks, Jackal magazine, 2018 trends3. Backpacks still pack a punch

If 2017 was the year of the tote, 2018’s set to be the year of the backpack. Everyone from top-end designers to utilitarian workwear brands seem to have fallen in love with them again.

Speaking of which, this chunky design from Seattle-based workwear giant Filson ticks all our our boxes. First off, it’s bulletproof – cut from a mixture of heavy cotton drill and saddle-grade bridle leather with reinforced seams. The central stow pocket is sealed with a rust-proof brass zip, while the two outer bellows pockets offer easy access to your essentials on the move. If there’s any bag that’ll see you flawlessly through this year, it’s this.

Whatever backpack you choose, make sure it looks relaxed and rugged. Never mind what anyone else tells you, dressy leather backpacks and suits shouldn’t be a thing. Quite apart from the fact that this is one formal/casual pairing that really doesn’t work, wearing a backpack ruins your jacket’s shoulder pads. But, keep yours in canvas for the weekends and you’ll be breezing into spring with some serious 2018 style points. £340, shop now